We’re certain you’ve seen this (the image above) or something similar and might have one thousand and one questions. Here’s what you should know about our 5,000 grand bonuses🤑:

  1. Every Pandar user is entitled to this bonus.

  2. You can’t earn bonuses through our social media platforms - kindly download our mobile app to trade and stand a higher chance of receiving rewards.

  3. The bonus can be claimed as many times you trade up to the specific amount.

Do I receive ₦10,000 each time I trade $5,000 worth of either gift cards or crypto?

No, you only receive 5,000 Naira each time you trade 5,000 dollars worth of either gift cards or crypto. That is, you get ₦5,000 each time you trade $5,000 worth of any cryptocurrency and ₦5,000 each time you trade gift cards worth $5,000.

Does my bonus get paid directly into my bank account or my Pandar Naira wallet?

All your earnings get deposited into your Pandar fiat wallet. Pandar dey for you, we no know about others.🤪

How frequently will I receive my bonuses? Each time I trade?

Yes! You receive bonuses for every trade above $5,000. It’s an unending cycle, so no dull o😆😆

To see how close you are to earning a bonus;

  • Login to your Pandar account

  • Click on 'your profile'

  • Scroll all the way down. You'd find your progress for 'Gift card and Crypto'

How fast do I get credited after receiving my trade reward?

So here’s the deal: look up to your ceiling.👀 Now look back at your phone. How long did that take? 2 seconds? 5?⏳

This is approximately how long it takes your wallet to get credited.

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