If you’ve ever experienced hassles at POS checkpoints when you have sufficient funds, then you’d understand every frustration that comes with declined payment and cards. Having a declined gift card feels even worse - your first thought could be, “Pandar don rip me🤯💔,” which is not often the case.

Having a declined card is due to many unique reasons, which we’ve highlighted below for you. Keep reading to see what could’ve gone wrong.

  1. You might have uploaded an Invalid card.

An Invalid card means that the code is incorrect or has not been properly activated for use. However, your card can also be invalid if it has breached the terms and conditions of the company producing your Giftcard or if the redeem code on your card is not correct.

You could avoid this by adhering to the terms and conditions and ensuring that your cards’ picture is clear and the codes are not over-scratched.

2. Already redeemed cards

We advise that you treat your Giftcards like you would treat your regular debit cards. Always ensure that your card is not exposed carelessly.

3. Deactivated Gift Cards

A card is deactivated because it was detected as either stolen or missing. Kindly note that Pandar cannot resolve the issue of a deactivated card - we advise that you inform your source about the issue.

4. Unactivated Gift Cards

Some service providers would request that your gift card is activated before use. Kindly ensure that it is activated at the point of purchase to enable trades.

At Pandar, we pride ourselves on integrity, and we ensure that your cards are 100% safe with us. Keep trading and stay jiggy!

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