The Pandar App is a digital assets exchange platform made by Nigerians for Nigerians.

We leverage the power and possibilities of Cryptocurrency to make cross-border money exchange easily accessible to Nigerians. With the Pandar App, you can receive payment in Naira or USD, powered by crypto.

With over 50,000 users, amazing reviews, and top-notch services, learn how the Pandar App is the best Naira and Bitcoin wallet you will ever use.

Here are the top 6 money activities that you can do with your Pandar App:

1. Exchange your Bitcoin for Cash

The Bitcoin Quick Sell feature is a seamless, swift, and affordable means to send money from anywhere in the world into your Nigerian bank account. Sell your Bitcoin for cash within minutes on the Pandar App using the Bitcoin Quick Sell feature.

To sell your Bitcoin for cash on the Pandar App, No registration, KYC, or BVN is required. Your funds are remitted directly into your Naira wallet within the Pandar App, from which you can transfer to any Nigerian Bank account.

2. Sell your Gift cards

We get it. Exchanging Gift cards for cash is now commonplace amongst Nigerians — we dey for you.

On Pandar App, we help you exchange gift cards from stores like Amazon, Nike, Sephora, iTunes, Google Play, eBay, Walmart for cash within minutes, at no extra cost, no hidden charges, with funds paid instantly into your Pandar Wallet as soon as the transaction is concluded.

3. Create a Dollar Mastercard — Shop online in USD

With Pandar’s Virtual Dollar card, forget about the transaction limits on your Nigerian bank cards.

The virtual dollar card helps you pay your international bills. Subscriptions, online shopping, Instagram/Facebook adverts payments, Netflix, with no transaction limits. You do the shopping; Pandar Virtual card takes care of the payments without limits.

4. Buy Airtime/Data, Electricity token, pay toll fees

Pay your local bills on the go, from the comfort of the App. Buy airtime and data, DSTv/GoTv subscription, Tollgate fees, Electricity bills.

Buying airtime, data, cable TV, electricity token on the Pandar App is easy, swift, and with zero stress.

5. Save money in your Naira Wallet

With the Pandar Naira wallet, forget about bank charges. Send money and receive money in a blink of an eye.

The Pandar Naira wallet helps you to save your funds in the Pandar App. You can pay your bills from your Pandar wallet and send funds to any Nigerian bank or other Pandar users using their Pandar tags. Send money instantly with no extra charges.

6. Bitcoin Wallet — Store your Bitcoin

The Bitcoin wallet comes with a personal Bitcoin wallet address.

Receive, store and sell your Bitcoin using the Bitcoin wallet. You can easily convert Bitcoin from your wallet into cash by selling to us on the Pandar App.

Getting started with the Pandar App is easy; find and download the app for Android and iPhone.

Pandar — we dey for you.

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